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Bandstand, Chester

JM Artography was founded by Jill Pears and Mike Penney. Both live and work in the ancient historic walled Roman city of Chester which is famous for its unique medieval rows and abundance of fine Tudor buildings.  Chester lies above the picturesque River Dee and is on the border of the North Wales beautiful countryside.

JM Artography provide high quality colour reproductions of Jill’s unique paintings and Mike’s photos as well as providing photography services for events. These excellent prints can be purchased from our Painting and Prints store.

Jill also retails her prints in The Groves, by the River Dee Chester on weekends and bank holidays  and  most weekdays. All chester prints have a history on the reverse. My prints would make an ideal gift for any occasion, and also for people passing by the Groves who no longer live in Chester, and visitors and tourists. Please feel free to chat to the artist while by the river. 

Her prints are also available in Towers Eatery, Bell Tower Walk, off St Werburghs Street, Chester,  and St. John’s Church, Vicars Lane (next to amphitheatre),  and in Big Heritage, St. Michael’s Church, Bridge Street Row end, all in Chester.

All Jill’s prints are guaranteed copies of her original artwork. Her sepia/black & white & split colour (ie  black & white with splashes of colour) have been created from her full colour images.

To find out more about the artists, and to order prints or enquire about Mike’s photography services, use the links across the top of the page to navigate your way around the site.

To check whether I will be by the river on a certain day please feel free to contact me on 0758 770 5983.

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